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Sandman within the leagues?
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 02.03.2009 Time 14:53

No! This will be the reaction of most of you guys. And this rightly if you have a look at the discussions within the different league forums.


The first league which reacted is the american CEVO. The use of the Sandman is forbidden there. The FAN (Force-A-Nature) and the energy drink Bonk! are allowed.


Within the ETF2L there is still a lot of discussion in the Forum about the use of the new weapons. Most are tending to ban the Sandman but there are also players which are voting for Sandmanlimit 1 or complete use if both teams agree.


The ESL has announced in their last News that there is a Vote about the use of the Sandman.
The other two unlocks are allowed independent from the votes result.

Furthermore the ESL wants your oppinion about the new maps Egypt and Junction. Shall they be in the map pool for the next season? It's up to you guys.

Finally an information for all of you which are playing the map Freight in the 3rd season of the ESL.

This map will be replaced by the beta 3 version Freight_b3 of the map. So keep in mind to add it on your server if it isn't yet.


Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP - Freight


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