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Duck jump Fix & Big Steam Client Update
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 07.03.2009 Time 11:18

After yesterdays update the fun playing TF2 was gone for Scouts and Soldiers. The restriction of only ducking once while in the air from Valve was backfiring. Some jumps which were working before seemed to be impossible since the last update. Gladly the restriction is changed now to duck twice while in the air. Additionally the Scout's doublejump resetst the counter. And using the server variable "tf_clanmp_airducks" you can disable the restriction at all.

    TF2 Changelog
  • You can now duck twice in the air. Scout double jumps reset the in-air jump counts
  • Increased the jump velocity to account for the tuned bounding box sizes. Jump height should now match the prior-to-last-update heights
  • Added "tf_clamp_airducks" convar, set to 1 by default
    • Setting it to 0 will remove all constraints on ducking while in the air. Useful for servers running RJ challenge maps

Furthermore there were a Steam update released by Valve. What has changed you can read in the following changelog.

    Steam Changelog
  • Fixed possible case where Steam would get stuck with "Downloading starting..." when trying to download
  • Added NTFS check when trying to install Empire: Total War
  • Added new dialog to inform the user they failed to register a CD key because they do not own a game which is required to register the key (Empire: Total War Special Forces)
  • Added more download regions for Australia
  • Fixed several update news links for games going to the wrong page
  • Added more information to the game launch display when first-time install steps are being ran
  • Fixed HL2.exe hanging on shutdown
  • Increased max width of links on game properties dialog (general tab) to match the now wider properties panel.
  • Fixed the 'launching game' dialog always waiting for user input if there was update news available
  • Updated localization files for dialog variable changes (fixes %s1 appearing in some languages)
  • New notification shown when an application is downloaded or updated
  • Added teamfortress.com, tf2.com, etc. to list of approved chat urls
  • Fixed case where retail install would be unnecessarily slow
  • Fixed third-party installers not running if an installer before it failed
  • Several Steamworks updates


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