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Some movies...
Written by Unknown on 07.03.2009 Time 15:54

After having the news dominated by the Scout Update the last few weeks we are happy to present you some funny stuff this time.

First there is a Machinima which you might get used to it first because it didn't make sense at all.
The movie was pointed out by out TFPoratal community member Tidus within our forum.

So have a look by yourself:

Star Heavy

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Furthermore there is a fragmovie which looks really professional made by the Demoman "zip" from Deja.Vu.

Drunk Explosions

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The video is available as Download at Filefront or as HD stream at pldx.com


tf2fun - selfmade_all.jpg - thumbnail tf2fun - selfmade_medic.jpg - thumbnail tf2fun - selfmade_pyro.jpg - thumbnail
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