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Sandman the decission ! #UPDATE#
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 07.03.2009 Time 19:36

There were no problems within the leagues with the Medic, Heavy and Pyro Unlocks which Valve released last year.
2009 seems to be different. This year is starting badly for the fans of Valves DLC (Downloadable Content). Now the Sandman ban is taking place in Europe too.

Sandman Banner

But not within the biggest Team Fortress 2 league: the European TF2 League. Like announced in their last news there is only the restriction of one Sandman per team in the 4th season.

[quote]Rule § 1.3.4 Scout unlocks: Sandman (limited to 1) + Force-a-nature + Energy drink allowed[/quote]

This might confusing some of you due to the weapon being "overpowered", however the ETF2L wanted to get an agreement between the supporters and the opponents of the Sandman.


After massive protests by the community the ETF2L decided to ban the Sandman from their leagues.

[quote]Rule § 1.3.4 Scout unlocks: Force-a-nature + Energy drink allowed. Sandman is Forbidden.[/quote]

But if both teams agree you still can use one Sandman on each side.

The Electronic Sports League like already announced has started a Poll about the Sandman.
The poll isn't finished yet but you can see a huge jut for banning the Sandman already.

And again something about the ETF2l. Two cheaters were banned from the leagues for one year:

Simon - Smart Move
- using Radar + Health Display - ban till 07.03.2010

Champion - Pure
- using Aimbot + Speedhack - ban till 07.03.2010


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