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Using Player-Experience for Serverranking
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 13.03.2009 Time 12:54

Every player, doesn't matter if TF2, Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, would like to play on a server with a good ping and a stable number of players on it to enjoy playing. But if the serverbrowser is only showing "bad" servers the search for a good server sometimes can get time-consuming and annoying.

Valve now integrated a function which enables the player to help improving the server ranking by just playing.

Populated servers which are keeping stable player numbers and got a lot of regular players are getting a much better ranking now then servers where the players are mostly quitting after a short time.
The system is quite simple:
  • New servers start with a score of 0 points
  • Each time a player connects to a server, it loses 15 points
  • For each minute the player stays on the server, it earns 1 point (up to a max of 45 points per player)

For the fans of visual illustrations following the graph from Valve which shows the server score of the last week:

TF2 Server Scoring Graph

Servers which are getting a bad score aren't shown within the server browser any more with the new function.

We are thinking it's a good thing!


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