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Here's the Update of Tuesday
Written by Unknown on 26.03.2009 Time 19:01

Courses without the ability to communicate via internet suck :D I just want to say that...

But finally we are going to tell you now what the new update changes. It should fix some problems which caused some system- and TF2-crashes. Apparently they came up with the Multicore-Support.

Here's the complete Changelog:
Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source
  • Fixed screenshots being black when Multicore Rendering is enabled.
  • Fixed sprays not showing up on some surfaces.
  • Fixed decal crash during changelevel.
  • Fixed crash caused by setting the decal limit too high on some machines.
  • Fixed crash caused by decals in the world render loop.
  • Fixed crash caused by convars changing while rendering is queued.

After the Update is available for some days, we would like to know if the problems have been fixed.


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