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New class update and xbox update news
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 03.04.2009 Time 09:04

In case some of you checked teamfortress.com at April 1st but didn't check the site the following day, here’s the hidden message in Valve's April Fool's news:

The next class update will feature the Sniper.

According to the news in the official TF2 blog, the Sniper Update is supposed to bet he biggest TF2 Update to date. Besides the new weapons for the Sniper, new maps and some gameplay tweaks will be included. In addition to that, a Content Update will be released prior to the Sniper Update, featuring new stuff for all 9 classes.

Sniper Update - Peejar

There also is some news regarding the update for the Xbox 360 version of Team Fortress 2. The team has its struggles with the update since they have to keep everything inside the memory limit of the console. The original TF2 version nearly pushed the memory to its limit, so the update requires some tweaks to keep everything working. They can do it, but it's not gonna be easy.


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