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Easter video package
Written by Unknown on 11.04.2009 Time 14:42

Here we have 4 new TF2 videos to celebrate the weekend. We hope you'll enjoy it!

The TFPortal.de team wishes a happy Easter and a great weekend to everyone!

Video #1 comes from Melee Insane Tactics, the same pepole who created Meet the Sentry (2nd). The video features a Sliders-like setting. To quote EvilDaedalus's description: Starts out pretty slow but you really won’t expect what happens afterwards.

Sliders: Depthwards

Video #2 comes from USK Clan and is a video response to EvilDaedalus's Mass A.I. video. In case anyone wants to know: The song used at the beginning of the movie is part of the soundtrack of the movie The Fifth Element.

Team Fortress 2 - USK Mass Bots

Video #3 is a Team Fortress 2 AMV created by DarkxideX. The song used in the video is called "Sound of Madness" and performed by the band Shinedown.

Team Fortress 2 - The Sound of Madness AMV

And last but not least a TF2 parody to the 1960's Batman cartoon.

Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Batman


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