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TF2 Guides: Scout Pro Guide by Appz
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 19.04.2009 Time 14:07

Initial steps are done and we proudly present the long awaited Pro Guide series. The first guide is online and has been put together by noone else but Nervous.tf2's Appz, one of europe's top Scouts in TF2

TF2 Pro Guide - Team Fortress 2 - Scout

Having played for clans such as TCM, Nervous.tf2 and Team Druidz, he has earned himself a lot of experience. He is also placed in the lineup of Team UK.

To let you benefit from their experience, we had many Top players answer the same pre-verbalized questions concerning their class, resulting in them describing their class in a similar way. Doing so, we were able to keep all the guides in a unified structure to ensure clarity, understanding and readability.

During the next few weeks, additional guides about the classes Scout, Medic, Demoman and Soldier will be put up on the site. For the Scout, we were able to win another player of europe's top clans: TCM|Zerox

For the remaining classes, there are still players to be found.

Stay tuned!


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