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clan00: Fairplay award of season 4
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 21.04.2009 Time 08:05

The award-winners of the fourth season of the ETF2L have been announced. Unfortunately, most of the german teams like xplosionZ, veAre.silver and V.I.E.R are not among the distinguished teams. Only the german team clan00 was able to get the fairplay award.

The remaining awards are:

# Most Surprising Team: Weapons of the Rebellion 2 (Division 2a)
# Fairplay Award: clan00 (Division 1)
# Division 3 team of the Season: Team Fruit
# Division 4 team of the Season: FakkelBrigade 2
# Division 5 team of the Season: Team SdX’08
# Division 6 team of the Season: demiSe-esports
# Most Underrated Player: destructo (Team Fruit)
# Demoman of the Season: hymzi (Crack Clan)
# Heavy of the Season: Sommie (Trademark Gamers)
# Medic of the Season: kyynel (Crack Clan)
# Scout of the Season: bybben (Team Dignitas)
# Sniper of the Season: Jh (Weapons of the Rebelion)
# Soldier of the Season: Punpu (Crack Clan)


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