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Update released - Reset your stats
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 21.04.2009 Time 09:10

Valve did it! After 14 months of waiting and stats messed by achievementservers, updates and bugs, Valve finally implemented the possibility to reset the game stats.

Alongside this fact, the update brings some other changes and fixes:

Game Changes
  • Reworked the character loadout screens to support future features
  • Added the ability for players to permanently delete items from their inventory using the new Backpack menu. This does not reset achievements. Once an item has been deleted it can never be re-earned
  • Added the ability for players to reset their player stats using the Reset Stats button on the Stats menu. This does not reset achievements
  • Added a "player_teleported" game event that is sent when a player is teleported
  • Updated cp_junction_final to score per-capture instead of per-round. This fixes the map not working correctly with Tournament mode and the stopwatch
  • Scouts now drop the flag if they're carrying it when they start phasing

  • Fixed instances where Steam connection problems would cause some unlocked items to be unusable
  • Fixed the custom crosshair menu not clearing itself when "None" is selected for non-English clients
  • Fixed warning about not being able to execute skill1.cfg when starting the dedicated server

Most of the changes are pretty self-explanatory, but here are some additional words about the update:

Beware: If you delete an item using your backpack menu, you can never aquire it again.

The use of this is unknown so far, maybe it will be necessary once there are more items, than the Backpack is able to hold.

The player_teleported event is pretty much unimportant for the normal player, but offers new possibilities for plug-in creators, since there was no way, to detect a teleporting player until this update.

Fixes are mainly about connection issues and minor bugs in the crosshair and loadout systems.

The update is beeing installed automatically once you attempt to start TF2 the next time.


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