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TF2 Guides: Soldier Pro Guide by cc//Moose
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 27.04.2009 Time 08:55

A so called series would be useless without any sequels, so here it is, the next part of our TF-Pro-Guides. This time, we'll be talking about one of the most important classes in competitive play - the soldier

TF2 Pro Guide - Team Fortress 2 - Soldier

This guide was put together by finlands national player Moose, who has been fighting for Crack Clan during the last 18 months. As a soldier, he accumulated 428 hours playtime so far and is able to share a total of 826 hours of Team Fortress 2 playing experience. For those of you who want to find out more about his stats, check back on his steam-profile. This time, the guide will be structured as originally intended. Appz did his guide in a more independent way. However, this doesn't mean we want to loose the personal fingerprint of the players who wrote the guides. We hope you like the soldier-guide!

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