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Robin Walker talks about the new item system
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 30.04.2009 Time 16:04

The last Team Fortress 2 patch brought several changes. Among them, a new slot for headwear was added to the loadout menu. Also, a backpack menu, where all your achieved items can be viewed and deleted, was added.
According to Valve's Robin Walker, there will be several more items to get in the future.

Shacknews had an interview with Robin Walker and was able to ask many questions about oncoming changes in TF2.

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Mainly, it is valve's goal to disconnect the items from the achievement system. This was criticized by the TF2-Community for a long time.

Valve's plan is to release the headwear-update even before the sniper update. If this is not possible, it will be included in the big class-update afterwards. However, the headwear, according to plans, aims for beeing only of cosmetic value to the player, as it doesn't change attributes or in any other way modifies the gameplay.

But Valve is already thinking ahead. More items will be added to the game. There is no detailed information from that yet. However, Walker said, Valve thinks about releasing items who grant their owner special abilities. Also, a trading system, allowing you to trade your items with other players, is on their minds.

But Valve wants to know, what the community thinks about this. There will be changes to the game, but one has to ask if it is a good idea to combine a First Person Shooter with RPG elements.

What is your opinion on the ideas of Valve and how they deal with TF2 Updates?

As the auther of shacknews said: "When can I buy an epic mount for my Heavy?"

That puts it just right!


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