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Team Coolermaster folded
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 01.05.2009 Time 16:41

On the page of our colleagues at TF2Gossip, it has been made public:

After 18 months of activity, Team Coolermaster folded.
There are no known reasons for this, but several suspicious nickchanges have been noticed in IRC:

-23:07:20- • Nick» (TCM|para) is now known as (fnatic\para)
-23:07:20- • Nick» (TCM|TopGear) is now known as (fnatic\TopGear)

[22:09:22] * fnatic\TopGear is now known as TG-
[22:09:23] * fnatic\para is now known as para^

This development brings up several questions.

- Will there be a new TCM Team?
- If so, who will it be?
- And on top of that, which team is going to replace TCM in the upcoming 5th season of ETF2L?

Especially the latter is of great importance. We wish the ex-members of TCM all the best for their TF2 career.


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