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TF2 Blog: Death in TF2 and Sniper Update
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 06.05.2009 Time 11:07

The sniper has to approach his prey ... well, not really does he? But the upcoming unlockables for the sniper will bring some changes to the way, the sniper will be played.
Big distances will be history by then, if you choose to use the new unlockably that is.

On the TF2-Blog, Robin Walker announced, that the sniper will be rewarded for sacrificing his long range combat ability.

What this means in particular is still a matter of guessing.

TF2 Sniper

The reasons for these changes are obvious. The goal is, to make a player, who is taken out by a sniper from a long range, less frustrated. Valve wants to find a solution, that benefits the sniper himself, and the enemy he is facing.

How these unlockables will look like is unknown. Maybe Jarate?

Sniper Update - Peejar

Additionally, Robin Walker talked about an important aspect which was being thought of alot when Valve developed Team Fortress 2 and his predecessor, Team Fortress Classic - the dying or "being-fragged" in a FPS-Game.

Many players die on a single day of Team Fortress 2. So did they in TFC. But, to Walker and his team, deaths are being seen as a good experience for the player, because, ideally, he learns from his mistake and change his behaviour, if the situation should ever return. These thoughts have been developed further in TF2, resulting in the following consequences:

[quote]The first was whether or not you understand what killed you. If you don't know what killed you, that death is failing in providing you the feedback it's supposed to, and you won't be able to figure out what you could have done differently. Unsurprisingly, we saw that these deaths were highly aggravating to players, and in sufficient number caused new players to stop playing entirely. Trying to reduce the number of these deaths in TF2 was done through a variety of changes. It was one of the reasons why we chose to remove the hand-held grenades that each class had in TFC, which were one of the primary causes of these deaths. It was one of several goals that led to the creation of the freezecam.[/quote]

[quote]The second was whether you felt you were actually engaged with the person who killed you. Dying to someone you weren't engaged with, especially when you were already engaged with someone else, was aggravating. Even worse was dying to someone who you couldn't have engaged with, even if you chose to. In that case, you're very unlikely to believe you could have done anything differently to survive.[/quote]

Thinking about this, makes the importance of these thoughts obvious. Many players don't think about this but subconciously, there are many aspects, that Valve had to take care of, to make Team Fortress 2 as successful, as it is today. This deserves a great deal of respect, especially with all the critics that have arisen the last few weeks and months.


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