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Gang Garrison 2.1 released
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 06.05.2009 Time 13:13

On the TF2 Blog, Valve talked about the new update for Gang Garrison. Version 2.1 brought many new features to the flash game, which can be played online against many players.

TF2 Game - Gang Garrison 2

The core ideas of the game have, of course, been copied from TF2. 2 teams RED and BLUE, 9 different classes and the well known TF2 maps.

TF2 Game - Gang Garrison 2

The new features of 2.1 are:
  • Control Point Gamemode
  • Killcam
  • Superburst Ability for the Healer
  • Manvich for the Overweight
  • Zoomtoggle for the Rifleman
  • Mine and Sentry HUD
  • Time Limit
  • Stalemate
  • Humiliation Round
  • AFK Kicker
  • New Music and Sounds
  • New Explosions and Effects
  • New maps
  • New Version of Garrison Builder
  • New Kill notifications
  • New Chat Bubbles

The changelog is quite long and Valve is amazed by the TF2-clone flash game. If you want to have a look at it, you can grab the latest version in our download section.

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