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DIV 1 setting off !
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.05.2009 Time 08:06

Tonight, both topteams will kick off the first Division fixtures of ETF2L's season 5.
Crack Clan will be up against Trademark Gamers at 21:00 and Team Dignitas will battle the newcomers to Div1 weapons of the rebellion at 21:15.
The outcome of these games seem pretty predictable, but theres still room for surprises.

Team Dignitas underwent several linup changes. As TF2-Gossip reported two days ago, one of Dignitas's scouts Masiina is going inactive due to motivation issues.
Possible replacements are Appz and Rebeli.
Appz, however, has already been added to the ETF2L team of Dignitas.


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