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Sniper Update Day 1: First unlockable
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.05.2009 Time 23:04

Long awaited, here it is!

TF2 Sniper Update

On the TF2 Blog, the huntsman has been announced. It's the first new weapon for the sniper. It's not a unlockable as all weapons before, since Valve changed the way, new weapons can be aquired. How you can get the huntsman is still to be unveiled. To put it short:

Sniper Update Huntsman

  • New bow called Huntsman
  • Headshot deals critical damage
  • Additional effect: nails enemys to walls
  • 18 arrows
  • Reloadtime: 1 secound
  • Addition effect: Enemys get "marked" after being hit by an arrow :)


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