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Sniper-Update: Day 2: Mode & Maps
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 14.05.2009 Time 07:30

Payload race - gladiator cart combat

TF2 Sniper Update

Thats how Valve advertises the new TF2 game mode Payload Race, which has already been spotted in the artwork of the scout update. It is to be released with the oncoming sniper update.

TF2 Gamemode Payload Race

Pipeline, the first Payload Race Map, basically provides one payload for each team. The goal is to get it to the last capture point than your enemys, trying to prevent them from doing so at the same time. Additionally, Valve announced two new arena maps.

TF2 Arena Map Sawmill

Sawmill is a map based on the same environment as lumberyard and adds two new features: First, the weather is going to be rough, it will rain all the time, secound, the last capture point will be surrounded by saw blades, which you should really avoid running into.

TF2 Arena Map Nucleus

shows the well known read rock style paired with some new gimmicks: wide and open areas and a huge radioactive pit below most of the map. It seems clear that you should be aware of more than the enemy movements on this map. Last but not least Valve added some stuff which is great for some gossip. On his holiday card to his mum,talking about the new updates, the sniper writes:

PS - Tell him i make more money than a doctor
PPS - Actually, just tell him i AM a doctor now.


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