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Sniper-Update: Day 3: The Razorback
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.05.2009 Time 01:45

Hakuna Matata in Australien

TF2 Sniper Update

A piece of wood is the secound unluck/"findlock" of the sniper. If you look a little closer, you will recognize that this piece of fine aborigine handcraft has been equipped with a piece of modern technology. According to valve it is a car-battery, which is able to release 10.000 volts to spies, that are not careful enough while stabbing. After that, the knife will have a cooldown, so the sniper has enough time to turn around and beat the crap out the stealthy attacker.

TF2 - Sniperupdate - Razorback

However, the immense weight of such a craft limits the sniper in his movement speed, moreover, the razorback shatters into thousands of finely crafted pieces when being hit by a spy.
Some questions are still open, which weapon will be replaced by the razorback? How much damage will it deal to the spy. And did Valve really invent a 10.000V car battery ?

More answers next week.


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