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Byte joins [FB], Breeze s cc//'s 2nd squad
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.05.2009 Time 20:12

Many of you read the news about  Team Coolermaster folding several weeks ago.Many rumours spread, where TCM's Top Player and maincaller  Byte would continue his TF2 career.

Well, now we know, he joined the well established TF2 team FakkelBrigade which has just been promoted to Division 1. He will be serving as their demoman in the future. If this is the truth, there are some exiting matches to come up when [FB] faces Division 1's top teams.

Sadly, this may also be the reason why [FB]'s former main demoman emptynoflow left the team (see related links for further information.

Furthermore, we want to gratulate the finnish division 3 team Breeze for being adopted by the well known MGO Crack! Clan. They will be the 2nd TF2 squad. Crack! Clan's first TF2 squad is one of the top european teams and already well established. They have been rated as the 2nd best team by cadred.org. We wish Breeze aka cc2// all the best for their future career.


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