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Spy sappin my update: New Items for the spy
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 16.05.2009 Time 04:08

Sniper update to bring additional items for the spy!

During yesterday, there were some strange things going on on the Sniper-Update Site.
While it showed only the sniper with his razorback-findlock, during the day, a spy appeared behind him, though he was lying dead next to the sniper.

If you browse the update site now, you are redirected to a page that looks like this:

Instead of the sniper update, a spy update is announced. Some members of the steam forums already suggested that the spy will be updated together with the sniper, giving him new items and weapons to use. Two of them have already been put on the site. It's no other than two new spy watches, each of it granting individual advantages.

The Dead Ringer spy watch
This watch implements the long awaited feign death feature. If you are hit by a non-deady bullet, this watch creates the illusion of a dying spy, while the actual player gets to stay invisible for another 8 seconds. This is an interesting approach because to feign death as implemented in TFC would be rather useless because of the experience of the players of TF2 and certain config tweaks (corpse display time). The downside of this item is not really clear yet.

The "Cloak and Dagger" spy watch

This watch has another nice advantage to offer. Basically, it has no difference from the basic spywatch. However the power bar, which is drained when you use your cloak ability will be regenerated if you stand completely still. This enables the spy to stay cloaked for a longer time and to stay hidden in a spot more effectively. The last passage about this spy watch gives the impression, that it cannot regenerate the powerbar with dropped ammunition, which would be the downside that everey new item has.
There is 4 days of announcements left. But first, we have to wait until the weekend is over. On Monday, there will be news on the update again.


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