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Meet the Spy - The Theories of the Community
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 17.05.2009 Time 14:46

This weekend was predicted to be really relaxed. No new information for Team Fortress 2 was expected... But everything changed. It seems that the Meet the Spy Video was published on Valves-Youtube-Channel too early. They didnt got the movie removed in time so that it was already saved on multiple harddrives all over the world.

But it couldn't be better for Valve. The rumors and discussions are under way and the video platforms are visited a lot by TF2 Fans to see that video. Team Fortress 2 is on everybodys lips!

The people started to analyze the video and were setting up theories about it. Valve is known for placing upcoming content within its videos. So you can see a hat of the sniper which is equiped with a belt of teeth. Also you can see a football helmet which might will come for the Heavy? Will the theories about the headgears be true? (we were reporting)

Football Helmet Heavy Guy The Hat of the Sniper - Tooth Belt Hat

Within the video you also can see that the spy is throwing his sapper under the Engineers Sentry-Gun. Will this be possible in future? We will see when the update is released!

That isn't everything at all. At the end of the vidoe the Spy is saying a few words French. Another Discussion about the Spys origin was born.

So lets see which more information are coming up!


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