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Spy Update: Meet the Spy HD & Spy Achievements
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 19.05.2009 Time 08:19

Utdate day #5 has arrived and Robin Walker calmed down after all the investigation and kept on going with the Spy Update schedule. Therefore Valve first posted the assumed leaked Meet the Spy video in HD. Why there might is something wrong? You can read later in this news.

Additionally the Achievements were published which are coming for the Spy. 34 different ones can be achieved soon. Of course there will be 3 milestone achievements too which will make a total of 37 achievements.

Spy Achievements

Due to the leaked video Valve decided to set up an achievment for themselves. "FAIL" with this great description: "UNLOCKED - Welcome to the internets:  Fail to understand what 'Private' means on YouTube."

But meanwhile it is controversial if the Meet the Spy video was really leaked.

Typically the Public Relations section of Valve is releasing the videos as wmv file. But this time the Meet the Spy video was released as flv file which is used for publishing videos on YouTube. So why should Valve change the video format after 8-9 videos??

We at TFPortal are sure it was a prearranged and successful PR move!



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