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4Kings with new TF2 team
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 20.05.2009 Time 10:27

The MGO  4Kings is back in TF2 business. After their roster left for the MGO Dignitas, they managed to recruit the division 1 team wotr as their new lineup.

Statement von Richard “Dr. Gonzo” Lewis:
It's no secret that I have always been a keen admirer of TF2 since the game was launched, including my own days spent playing for xciteuk when the scene was first emerging. 4kings have had some great names in this game and we're proud to carry on that tradition with this pick-up. WOTR have been a great name for some time now and they have the right blend of work ethic and talent. I see this team as a huge part of the 4kings jigsaw and I'm confident that together we will both go on to great things.

The lineup runs as following:

4Kings.TF2 lineup:
Arto “Bash” Alanko (Demo)
Stephen “daf” Stenson (Soldier)
Jaakko “Jh” Hanhivaara (Scout)
Bran “nos” Simcox (Soldier)
Murrough “Predz” O’Brien (Scout)
Sivert “Torden” Bakkeng (Medic)

Valts “Blind” Runcis (Soldier)


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