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Sniper-Update: Day 7: Jarate & Sniper Achievements
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 21.05.2009 Time 11:13

TF2 Sniper Update

The biggest update in TF2 history is probably the reason, why Valve recruited the snipers most hated foe to prevent sniper wars on public servers. In fact, the new weapons seem to balance both classes very well, and the most recent weapon for the sniper adds to this: Jarate!

TF2 - Sniperupdate - Jarate

Sniper Achievements

The mysterious Jarate, which has already been announced on the 1st of April has now been added to the weapons of the sniper. It can be thrown like a grenade and hits enemys as well as friendly players. If you hit an enemy, he takes 35% more damage for a certain amount of time. Additionally, spies get uncloaked when hit and can't re-cloak for a while. If you happen to hit a friendly player, you can extinguish him, if he has been set on fire by a pyro.

The effects of Jarate can be negotiated by jumping into water and thereby washing it away.

The achievements of the sniper have also been announced, sadly without any description, but we will add them as soon as they become available.


Lastly, all players who happen to not owning TF2 already, can look forward to another free weekend. Valve has already launched the preload.



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