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Meet the Movie, Valve dreams about TF2-Movie
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 03.06.2009 Time 14:13

The overwhelming success of the "Meet the ..." videos was something even Valve couldn't foresee. While it was their usual plan to release great games, their schedule was widened a fair bit since the release of the the short movies.

Team Fortress 2

"The number of people at this point who want us going off and making full length movies and that sort of stuff has got to a point where it's hard to ignore,"

Robin Walker confirmed while on a conference call with the people at kotaku.com. It seems like Valve dreams about a full length movie similar to the "Meet the Team" videos.

"We're not ready to announce anything along those lines, but I don't think there's a person in this company that wouldn't love to see a full-length TF movie or even a 10-minute movie,... I'm not just being cagey. I'm a little bit removed from these kinds of things. But they keep giving us a little bit more rope with which to hang ourselves, so who knows."

... was Erik Wolpaw's comment on the subject.

Heavy Guy Face It's still uncertain if this is a hidden announcement on the movie BUT even the jokes on the topic show how far Valve advanced since the release of "Meet the Heavy", which was first shown in 2007. Many hypes started evolving around the little clips, many modified versions or even completely new creations have spread on sites such as youtube or wegame. Even, by that time, unreleased class-clips have been attempted by the community. Before the official (sort of) release of "Meet the Spy" there was already a very entertaining comic version on the net.
The source of the movies are the audition scripts Valve used to cast the voice actors of TF2. Additionally, they helped the developers to get an idea about the stereotypes, which the characters represent. Moreover, it was a sandbox for Valves new mimic feature, which was implemented in TF2.

Spy Ambassador

The Meet the Spy video sticks out of the crowd, as it does not have an audition script, which it is based on. Valve worked up to this during the last few videos. However, they said that "Meet the Medic" and "Meet the Pyro" aim to be even more mind-blowing than the latest movie clip.

The original interview, and more interesting details on the Sandvich and Jarate! can be found in the related links to this news.


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