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Nothing happening? TFPortal - Update soon!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.06.2009 Time 15:41

Seems like! But thats wrong!

At the moment the TFPortal team is working on the new website. We're nearly finished. The design is finished and the code is nearly completely implemented. The new article system is filled with information and most pages are adjusted to the new style. Thats why the page was calming down last few days.

What we're waiting for? We still need time to approximately end of June to move over to TFPortal.de version 2.0.

What does this mean for you guys?

We didn't changed much about the structure. The regular users won't have any problems with the new page. And not only the main page, also the forum will look better then.

We're getting too much into detail. Overall you will have a few more functions on TFPortal.de. For example statistics, more about the ETF2L, information about whats changing on TFPortal.de and better overview about recent comments and changes. Simply more overview!

We're moving away from the Word lookalike of the single categories to make the articles better to read. Due to this for example the article about the classes was new structured and rewritten! Watching the pages of TFPortal.de should be more like an experience than now!

Like you are excited about the update we are excited about your reactions!

So please be patient for about 2 weeks.

The TFPortal team!


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