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TFPortal 2.0 video blowout - part 1
Written by Unknown on 27.06.2009 Time 11:21

To celebrate the upcoming relaunch of TFPortal, we won't give you one, not two, but three days full of TF2 fun video goodness! We start today with part 1, continue with part 2 on Monday and present you the grand finale on the Relaunch Day on Friday.

Need A Dispenser Here

That's what the Scout has ever dreamed of - A whole planet full of Dispensers.

TF2 Warhammer

Warhammer Online meets Team Fortress 2.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us - TF2 Version

An old classic of the internet finally receives a worthy TF2 pendant.

Inspector Bonk

A new Bonk song, this time with the Inspector Gadget Theme.

Misfits in a Hostile Environment

A new machinim series. This one has a more realistic approach: No rocket jumps, no disguised Spies but a lot of funny moments.



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