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TFPortal 2.0 video blowout - part 2
Written by Unknown on 29.06.2009 Time 15:07

It's Monday, so it's time for part 2 of our video blowout!  This time we have a new Machinima series to offer.
YouTube user Burningfajitas recorded all existing "Meet the"-Videos backwards and added subtitles to them. These new lines include Swedish, Spanish, French, English and even German phrases.

Here is a list of a few, but not all funny message found in the Backwards movies:

  • Some of the classes were a car in their past live.
  • The two names "Sierig" and "Repeo Ramses" are mentioned by some classes throughout the videos - maybe they have some close friends in common?
  • The Soldier loves beer.
  • The Soldier plays World of Warcraft.
  • The Soldier hate the Ambassador long before its creation.
  • Even the Pyro get's hot in his suit sometimes.
  • The Demoman not only drinks much in his video, he even speaks drunk throughout his backwards speech.
  • The Scout's favorite place for vacation is planet Mars.
  • The Sniper has a second job in which he works as a chauffeur.
  • There is a special "easter egg" in Meet the Sniper.
  • The "Meet the Spy" Video has been leaked due to misuse of too many steroids.
  • The Sniper's girl's name is "Patricia".

Meet the Heavy Backwards


Meet the Soldier Backwards


Meet the Demoman Backwards


Meet the Engineer Backwards


Meet the Scout Backwards


Meet the Sandvich Backwards


Meet the Sniper Backwards


Meet the Spy Backwards


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