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Welcome to the new TFPortal !
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 02.07.2009 Time 13:48

It is done! We are back!

After 67 hours of downtime, we from TFportal want to welcome you on our all new website. This news is going to be really long, but we are going to mention the most important changes first. We hope you like our new site.

Our changelog on the new and redesigned articles:

Pro Class Guides
All 100% completed pro class guides have been released. Here they are:

Class pages
All TF2 class pages have been reworked and updated. This means new appearance, new content and all changes of the past updates included.

Scout - Soldier - Pyro - Demoman - Heavy - Engineer - Medic - Sniper - Spion

Achievement pages

All collectible achievements are now put together and can be found on TFPortal! Many also have some corresponding tips to help you earn them faster.

General Achievements - Medic - Pyro - Heavy - Scout - Sniper - Spy
Changelog of the technical tweaks:

New Design

  • Newly structured indexpage
  • Forum avatars (now dubbed general Avatar) are beeing shown in news comments and guestbooks
  • Port of the already existing articles into the new system.

New article system and modified news system
  • WYSIWYG-Editor for news, articles and downloads

  • Questions and answers for many categories


Changes in the download section

  • Small tweaks for more overview
  • Download viewing optimized

Changes for the  gallery
New search
  • Search news, newscomments or articles
  • Highlight search terms

New layout for profile pages
  • More fields for information (Hardware etc.)
  • Layerads can be deactivated
  • View your forum avatar
  • Some stats on site usage (also used for cusom achievements)
  • Show online stats
  • Link to your steam profile
  • Choose your country
    • Corresponding flags are beeing shown on your profile pages
  • Guestbook for each user
    • Guestbook can be deactivated
  • Write and answer private messages
    • max. 20 per Sent and Received Folder
  • Buddies
    • Add friends
  • Steamstats
    • Show parts of your steam profile
    • TF2-Stats and -Achievements
  • Custom TFP-Achievements
    • PM if you achieve one of our custom achievements

BB Code integrated
  • for news comments, guestbook entrys and PMs

  • user passwords can now contain special characters
  • The password now must contain at least one number or special character and has to be at least 6 characters long (only affects new and changed passwords)

  • Generally changed the script for clans
  • Userinterfaces to request and change your clan news


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