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Robin Walker Interview
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 02.07.2009 Time 15:01

As we announced before, we had Robin Walker from Valve answer us 11 questions on TF2. The interview was held before the Spy-Sniper update so some of the answers and questions are a little bit off sync with the current information and update situation on TF2. Keep this in mind. Anyway, there is some pretty interesting stuff inside that interview, especially concerning the new demo format Valve is about to release.

No more demos broken by updates? At least, that is what Robin Walker wants!
TFPortal.de: In the last Update a new backpack was included to the tf2 menu with a new place for Head Items? What can you say about that. Will TF2 become more like a MMORPG were we have to collect items?

Robin Walker: One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get from customers is that they don't like the way the unlockables are tied to achievements. There are reasons why we had to do this in the past, but today we don't have to do that. So we're soon going to switch over to players being able to find items in a variety of ways. Because of that, players will start to find duplicates of items, and may try to store more items than we're prepared to allocate space for them on our backend. As a result, we introduced the backpack, which allows you to manage what items you want to keep, and throw out the others. The head slots are for a different set of new items that we'll be releasing soon, which are aimed at letting you customize your appearance a bit.


TFPortal.de: Which strategy you use in choosing the different classes for the achievement and unlock-updates? With the medic, valve tried to make the medic much more popular. But why then heavy, pyro and now the scout where choosen and not spy or sniper, soldier, engineer or demoman ?

Robin Walker: Initially we chose classes based on popularity, but at this point, there are a variety of factors, ranging from ease of updating to the number of ideas we have already floating around for the class.

The whole interview is available in german and english!


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