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EVGA to host big TF2 Event
Written by Unknown on 12.07.2009 Time 02:05

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, hardware vendor EVGA will host a big Team Fortress 2 event.
On the 25th and 26th of july, EVGA will double the amount of their TF2 servers and raffle off a bunch of prizes to the participants.

To participate, all you have to to is sign up on the EVGA Website, using your SteamID and a username. Every user gets a free reserved slot along with his registration, so there will be no waiting time.

To celebrate 10 great years of improved gaming, EVGA Gaming will be hosting a very special Team Fortress 2 event for all the great pub players who make our servers some of the most popular gaming locations around.

On Saturday July 25th and Sunday July 26th EVGA will be doubling its public TF2 servers and running a weekend long prize giveaway! Signup and participation is free and easy for any who wishes to participate.

This is not a competition or tournament, merely a chance for regular gamers to come out and play your hearts out for some great gaming goods. All prizes will be raffled off over the course of the weekend!

Additional information can be found in the related links.

Thanks to our community member hänsen for the hint.


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