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TFPortal grows! Some details about recent TFPortal
Written by Unknown on 14.07.2009 Time 08:31

Actually we didn't want to leave out a step. But we did so within one of our latest news. Everybody who's reading our news precisely should have recogniced that we have a new news writer here at TFPortal!

And it isn't only one, we got four new guys! :-)

So, who are these new ones and where do they came from?

The team of MyTeamFortress2.de joined TFPortal. These guys are known for their great TF2 competitive coverage. To reach a bigger audience and to get more response, they applied here at TFP and we let them join us right away. There was no long discussion about that.

We welcome de Freakadelle, de bpf, de PanzerKalle and de abda as new members of the TFPortal staff!

And as closing comments, we have some info about TFPortal 2.0 and its changes since the relaunch.

The achievements should work properly now. Please note that it can take up to one week until the

TFPortal Achievements

TFPortal Steam Group Member

Join the TFPortal Steam Group.

achievement is displayed. This isn't an issue of our code. It's up to the Steam pages that it takes a while.

Now we have the UBB code (smilies) in our comments sections and forms. Additionally, we did some minor changes to the layout.

The Match- & Resultticker of the ETF2L can now be customized by certain dates, matches played and clans.

In our forum we did some more changes relating TF2!
Go ahead and see yourself, almost every board has their own icon now.

Clannews can now be requested by every registered member.

This is how it works:

  • Request clan news (Link)
  • Type in your contact info / When giving us an URL, please include the location of your clan news script  for TFPortal (Your request will be logged along with your TFPortal-ID)
  • Adjust the clan news script (Link)  (Fit the script to your database structure)
  • Upload the clan news script (That the news script is available at the URL you gave us earlier)
  • The admin receives a PM, checks everything and enables your script.

In about 5-10 minutes you have the opportunity to embed your clan into our clan news and get more visitors to your website.
In case you still have any questions or need help setting this up, feel free to ask us.


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