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New game mode and Soldier update incoming?
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 16.07.2009 Time 10:28

Everybody who's following the official TF2 blog, maybe noticed that there are some new hints next to the swearing which recently was posted on the blog. The blog post is written from the Soldiers point of view which you can see in the last comment. Is this a indication that the next update will be for the Soldier?

Furthermore there are points which men should be engaged at all time:

1. Getting a haircut
2. Yelling
3. Digesting ribs
Hill defense

But what is mentioned by these four points? Will there be new haircuts or hats coming due to "getting a haircut"? The Soldier already yells while taunting with the shouvel... is there something new coming about it which "yelling" teases? And what about "digesting ribs"? Another healing item like the Sandvich for the Heavy? Or is "ribs" concerning to the enemys gibs? The most important point is "hill defense" which could be a hint to the game mode "King of the Hill" which is well known in other games since years. Instead of just capping you gain points while holding the intelligence. Will this be true or are we totally wrong?

What more has the blog post to offer:

Left 4 Dead and some other games already have them. Steam avatars! Now the Soldier has captured the TF2 blog and presents the pictures which you can use as your Steam avatar.

The best thing about it? You just have to klick the avatar and they will appeare in your Steam profile!

Personally I like the Engineer the most! :)

So what you guys are thinking about the blog post?


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