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TFPortal signature generator
Written by Unknown on 25.07.2009 Time 14:38

If you envied some of those guys who were around our or another forum, showing off with one of those pimped out signature graphics, you'll love this new gimmick by TFPortal. It makes you able to show everyone how awesome you are at TF2. In addition you can advertise TFPortal in other forums, just in case that there's still somebody out in the TF2 world that doesn't know us yet.

Just Kidding. Recently, our web design symbiosis, consisting of nova and ^Ron^, was plagued by boredom again because MeeB does not give them enough challenging jobs. And that's what boredom made them do:

A signature generator with various versions which will display your avatar and your most important TF2 statistics.

On one hand we have a big one for creme de la creme pe...comparison:

VaBene tfportal Banner groß

And on the other hand, for those who like things a little bit plainer, the smaller version:

kleine Signatur

So, and how can I get all that stuff?

  1. Go to your personal TFPortal profile (TF2 Signature Generator for non-registered Members)
    (In case you didn't enter your Steam ID there, you'll have to do that in the Edit Profile section)
  2. Scroll all the way down to the section Signature graphics
  3. Choose your favorite color and size
  4. Copy & Paste the BBCode into any forum profile

... and there you are. Now you can decorate yourself using your most important TF2 stats, which will always be up to date.


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