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Team Fortress 2 beta: Top teams involved
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 03.08.2009 Time 16:58

A few days ago we had a news post about an interview with Robin Walker. He said that he wants to have more  direct contact to the eSport scene to react to their wishes as good as possible. Apparently, they have their contact now. Top teams from Europe and the USA are now participating in a new Team Fortress 2 beta test.
These are the teams:

 Afterlife, Crack Clan, Dignitas, FakkelBrigade, I Don’t Know, Imperial, Rockit, Vale!, Team CoolerMaster

For example, the first goal could be adjusting the Sandman for clan wars etc. In the beta, the teams are able to have a look at the new changes and give their feedback to Valve. Although all teams have signed an NDA, it surely won't take too long until we have more information about this beta.


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