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Coming this Sunday: "Unbreakable"
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 04.08.2009 Time 03:17

Summer time equals movie time. Well, at least that's the way the TF2 community feels. In the last few weeks we spotted a lot of videos by talented people. And boy, with all their action, they were great. Even in Germany, TFPortal's home country, there are a lot of movie makers, which get to work during their break from the leagues, just like the ex-dmz-player de psy.

The multi-gaming association diamondZ e.V. used to have their own Team Fortress 2 team, which drew a lot of attention in leagues and cups, but they have now left the association. Nevertheless, there will be a movie in cooperation with TFPortal titled "Unbreakable", which will show you the last two month's highlights.

So, keep an eye out on Sunday, because that will be the date we exclusively release it for you to download. We do not have a trailer yet, but you can get a wallpaper in the related links section. Be sure to check it out.

For anyone that wants to be impressed by psy's video art: We've got his last video, "Necessary Evil", linked.
Have fun watching!


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