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Rumor report: First TF2 Beta details surfaced
Written by Unknown on 06.08.2009 Time 23:43

As we reported earlier, there is a closed beta going on. The goal of this beta is to improve the game in a way that both public and competitive players will benefit from it. No specific changes were known to the public since the players involved in the beta are supposed to not say anything - that doesn't stop them to "mention" some features anonymously though.



The following facts aren't officially confirmed so far, but the sources of the list are the players itself - anonymously that is. Some of them may be true, and some of them may be not true, but it's the best we can get at the moment.

TF2 Beta - Possible new features and tweaks



  • The heavy appears to have gotten a KGB replacement of sorts that makes him go around pyro speed when their out. This would explain the "vanguard party" achievements that were popping up earlier.
  • The heavy's minigun cone has been tightened; however there is no confirmation whether this change will remain permanent.
  • There are going to be changes to the sandvich. However, these changes are still mostly in the planning phase.


  • There are improved particles to show when players are using Kritzkreig more easily.


  • As of the moment the Sandman reduces the scout's health to 95 and returns his double jump. There are planned changes to the stun mechanic, but none have been implemented yet.
  • FaN knockback has been adjusted significantly; it now knocks back targets based on damage and distance.
  • Pistol scripts will apparently no longer work. The pistol fires every 0.175 seconds at its maximum rate as opposed to .1 seconds
  • Pistol now fires at the rate of 1 shot per 0.175 seconds while holding down attack button (used to be 0.25 seconds)


  • The engineer is receiving a wrench that allows him to build his buildings faster. It does not allow him to upgrade them and repairs them at the same rate as before, however.

Demoman + Soldier:

  • There are some proposed changes to the demoman and soldier's self-damage; however no specifics are available as of yet.


  • The spy is apparently getting not one, but two suits. However, it is currently unsure if both suits or just one will make it past the beta.
  • The first suit is as heard of before, giving the spy 90% damage reduction from flames and takes the place of his revolver.
  • The second suit is also geared against pyros, but its effects and abilities are currently unclear.


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