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Another site feature! Demos.
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 07.08.2009 Time 14:53

The Bundesliga has started, the Swamp Map Contest was launched by tf2maps and the beta test has a chance to give us something to write about. But still, we can feel how the hot summer gets people off their chair.

We, the TFPortal team, use that to do more work behind the scenes. Not long ago, we introduced our Signature generator and now you get even more tools to draw attention. This time, in form of demos.

There is now the section "Demos" in the left nav area under TeamFortress 2. You're given the opportunity to upload up to five demos you recorded, to show them off to the TFPortal Community. You may want zip or rar these demos first (Compress them into an archive). You're free to upload any kind of video, it doesn't matter if it's just a small and funny demo or a whole match.

Of course, we are restricted somehow, if we're talking about data space. Therefore, there is a limit of 25 MB per demo archive for now, while every user is allowed to upload and administrate five demos. We may also delete old demos if we need the space, but we're not used to it.

All corresponding information to uploading is found in the section itself.

The rest of the community is able to rate the uploaded demo and determine whether the demo is worth watching or not. Furthermore, everyone can have a look, which team really was in a good mood again, or who got totally pwned.


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