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Release Time - TF2 Frag Video "Unbreakable"
Written by Unknown on 09.08.2009 Time 12:32

As my colleague "abda" advertised on tuesday, it will be out today! A new TF2-Frag-Video made it's way to the release! With "Necessary Evil" psy made a name for himself in the TF2 community with his great video editing. His new creation is known as "Unbreakable"! With Meet the TFPortal - our trailer - he made a great movie, which received ratings between 4,5 to 5 Stars!

You decide whether psy hits the bullseye with "Unbreakable" or not. With your comments and your valuations!

After "Necessary Evil" and "Meet the TFPortal"-Trailer I finished my 3rd TF2 Video! Actually I planned to release the video 2 weeks ago, but my clanmates were very lazy with uploading the demos. :)

I think I am cleave to my old style with "Unbreakable", although you can't compare it to the look of "Necessary Evil" - but that's not what it should be like. I hope you like the soundtrack and the content, but for the guys who just want to see an airshot-airshot-airshot video, I have to disappoint you. ;) Unfortunately there is a mistake in the first second, which i noticed to late. :(
Please be so kind and ignore it. :P

Anyway - now its done, and it is available on the TFPortal's download server! 
Although, HD-Streams are available for everyone, I recommend the download - you will see the difference ;)

All I have to say now is:

Enjoy! :)
The file is in our download section.


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