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r@ts is back!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 10.08.2009 Time 22:08

It really is true. They let the rats out again. de r@ts is BACK!

When the 5th ETF2L Season started, the r@ts-clan's team had to drop due to member problems and continuous lack of motivation, even prior to their first match. Now, almost 7 months later, an almost completely new team, consisting of old and new people from the scene, is set. Additional to the faithful rat de Ronny, another ex-r@ts member is on duty again. It's de mvp! As far back as when Team Fortress Classic was a big game, mvp (known as DaH00l back then) contributed to the success of r@ts.

de RubberJohnny, who left the clan early this year, is also back on board again. Further, at archy, de atreidesde Inqui and de Gear are new members of r@ts.

As it reads on the new ETF2L Account, r@ts is searching for a third Scout.

Statement by de [r@ts] mvp

Well, there were a lot of rumors in the last few days and weeks.

Now it's official: [r@ts] is back.

We took our time to set a team, that is not only good at playing, but also a team that fits together in humane qualities and we're convinced that we made a good job at that.

TFPortal likes to welcome a old and yet new team in the scene. We wish the new r@ts team good luck and endurance!


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