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PLDX TF2 Movie Contest
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 16.08.2009 Time 02:15

Gamers and movie makers, listen up now. PLDX has started a Team Fortress 2 Movie Contest. It's a cool idea of course and it gets better.

Every player that is convinced to have some good demos with great frags should submit them. Certainly they are looking for match demos, so they don't want pickup or public recordings. They take your demos until September 15, after that day they shut you out and leave you for the cold.

PLDX TF2 Movie Contest

Afterwards it's the movie maker's turn. They'll be able to look at all the demos sent in and decide whether they will be featured in their Oscar-worthy movie or not, while they can cut a movie up to four minutes long.

This way, everyone has an equal opportunity to make something great. We like the idea and we're looking forward to many great Team Fortress 2 movies!


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