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TF2 Fake Idle - Idle to get hats & weapons
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 17.08.2009 Time 21:16

What does "idle" mean? In informatics this term describes a process that does not do any work. Yeah? You heard of it?

Anyway, idling in TF2 started when the new item drop system was built into TF2 and people wanted to let their PC spend as much time as possible in the game, which leads to finding a lot of items (hats and weapons). First there were special idle maps and along with them, idle servers with an almost infinite timelimit. The crux is that TF2 is required to run all the time, if you're using this method.

That is over now. A player has created a program (SteamStats), that connects to his idle server without running Team Fortress 2. It also gives out a timestamped message, whenever you obtain an item. You can tweak some options, too.

In case you do not want duplicates, the program deletes them automatically. The user count increases every day.

Important: Computers that do only run for a few items, which are useless in real life,  unnecessarily consume electric current. It's a higher environmental stress, consuming of ressources (energy) and it dives into your wallet!


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