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Exclusive Picture #1: How TF2 Could Have Looked
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 18.08.2009 Time 23:22

For years, there have been a few unreleased pictures on our hard drives. We're talking about three almost forgotten concept drawings from one of the many Team Fortress 2 concepts, that existed.

There are only three official concepts. But Valve had significantly more ideas, that have neither been shown, nor have they developed them any further.

Old TF2 Concept Old TF2 Concept  Old TF2 Concept Shot Old TF2 Concept Shot

Team Fortress 2 was first shown on E3 1999. Back then, it was named "Team Fortress 2 - Brotherhood of Arms". In comparison to today's TF2, this was a highly realistic military simulation with real weapons. Heavily armed soldiers fought each other in Valve's first released videos. Many liked it. In mid-2000, TF2 was postponed once more and there was no more new official information about the game. But it was actually Team Fortress 2, that initiated the development of the Source Engine.

Years passed and except of "soon" there was nothing special from Valve. Behind the scenes, they did do more work. Even before the concept phase of "Invasion", this picture was drawn. It's one of the three pictures we have to show. It shows a design of the Scout somewhere between 2000 and 2003, as we estimate. But we can guarantee that it is genuine, and we do that a 100%.

Old TF2 Concept Shot - Scout

In 2003, when Half-Life 2 was leaked, parts of the Source Engine's source code came with it. Again in the code, there were passages of TF2. But what they found was not similar to the first four pictures at all -- They found models of extraterrestrial aliens and humans. Futuristic TF2? Apparently, yeah. Team Fortress 2 was at the state of the Invasion concept. Gabe Newell confirmed, that Invasion was the second TF2-game from the scratch.

Sadly, there are no real screenshots of it.

More years passed and did still not provide any information, while they still kept working on game. Many of you know these pictures, because they have been released officially.

TF2 Concept Shot Heavy Guy TF2 Concept Shot Scout  TF2 Concept Shot Demoman

And the rest of the story -- I guess you know it.

On 7/15/2006 Valve gave out a press release with this screenshot:

First Team Fortress 2 Screenshot

And yeah, many folks still play it!

Keep an eye out for the other two pictures, they're here soon.



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