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TF2 Backpack Inside
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 26.08.2009 Time 15:27

Unlocks, hats, medals and other items

Since hats came to TF2, people just won't stop discussing these senseless items. Players show off the items in their backpack regardless if someone cares or not. We've come so far that folks actually need idle tools to get these items and using the console, some do actually fake that they just received a new, great, important item.

But being confused by that does now have an end. In case you did not yet know: The site TF2items.com can show you the backpack of any player. Just enter the Steam-ID, the Profile-ID or the Steamcommunity-URL there.

BTW: For all those who want to get angry. There's this player with the plain nick "Robin".
Dang, he DOES have a lot of hats! :D


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