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Exklusive Picture #2 & #3 – Pyro and Heavy
Written by Unknown on 30.08.2009 Time 02:33

A few days ago we gave you a small summary of Team Fortress 2's history along with old new concept pictures and screenshots, that had been created in during the development of the game. Because you all are champing at the bit, we'll give the other two pictures now. These should have been created in the days of 2000 to 2003.

Old TF2 Alien Concept - Heavy Guy Old TF2 Alien Concept - Pyro

And we also introduce an old trailer, which is now about 10 years old. Some of you may know it, for those who don't: That's what Team Fortress 2 was like a long time ago!

Old TF2 Trailer


And it gets better: We have the largest Team Fortress 2 group foto ever. It's just that it has a resolution of 16000x9000 pixels, and is over 7 MBs big, which means that anyone with a very low bandwidth has to wait a bit.


tf2_old - tf2_old_pyro.jpg - thumbnail tf2_old - tf2_old_hwguy.jpg - thumbnail tf2_old - tf2_old_scout.jpg - thumbnail
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