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The Idle Discussion Continues: The Halo!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 03.09.2009 Time 18:34

As we reported earlier Valve posted on the TF2-Blog how they will proceed against idle tool users today. The first step is a goody for honest players who didn't use the idle program. How they found out who used the tool and who not is not known, but when we looked into our friends backpacks on http://www.tf2items.com, we found out that they've been pretty accurate.


The second step: All items obtained through an external application will be removed. Items dropped in-game or unlocked items will remain in your backpack. Additionally if Valve finds users using an external program, ALL of their items will be deleted. The chance to drop a hat has been increased in this initiative.

And they also wrote that they know that everybody wants a hat and therefore they will work out systems to get them another way, for example a trading system or a crafting system (for example: remove three Backburners and get a Brigade helmet).


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