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Point Capped in 3..2..1?
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 10.09.2009 Time 15:55

Just to flame again:
Once more, the n2o cast made me write this post. Why that? You could find a VoD from the ETF2L Nations Cup, Germany vs. Italy; You would see situations were a whole team completely focuses on capture point A of cp_gravelpit and caps there.
On top of this, the Germans let us know why they all stand there in the succeeding interview:
"OK, to make everybody know: zerox probably is the greatest point who... Germany has ever seen"

But let's get on-topic now: How much does the capping speed increase when more players stand on the point (respectively by the cart)? Is there a speed limit?

We asked Christian Malazarte, who runs tf2tactics.com, if he would record a video similar to the ÜberCharging Speed Video, but related to point capping. Thanks a lot: His response time and quality are fantastic. See it yourself:

You decide whether you can benefit from this video or not. We just wanted to disprove the myth that the capturing speed does not increase anymore if a fifth player is capping (even though it only increases slightly).
Surprisingly, that applies to the cart.
But still, it is totally essential to help capping, even if you're the 10th player to do that. Otherwise you would give away vital scoreboard points, which could prevent you from taking the lead. :-D


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