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Blog Update: Left 4 Dead 2 Slows TF2 Development
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 18.09.2009 Time 18:24

Thanks go to m4rci, Appelmuus and AndreasTischler for telling us about this news.

TF2 head Robin Walker wrote the latest blog post. Just as it happened for the first Left 4 Dead, big parts of the TF2 team help finishing Left 4 Dead 2, which delays any updates to TF2. One thing that is different to the L4D1: This time, Valve was able to restructure their resources, so that the could release the latest update.

Valve has also updated the Source SDK to show all model/animation source data of the Heavy Weapons Guy. They want to see your feedback about them, too.

Along with some Community Updates (which again, don't include us ;-P) Robin Walker shows the new Übercharged-Avatars, which are being hyped a lot these days.

Take a look - New TF2 Avatars!


tf2 - tf2_group_2_small.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_update_119.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_sam_and_max_special.jpg - thumbnail
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